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Lora-Ellen McKinney

About This Artist

Lora-Ellen McKinney is an award-winning author whose best-known works detail African American faith and practice and Baptist tenets. As a psychologist, she co-wrote the first book about the challenges of children exposed to drugs and alcohol.

God or a convincing stand-in recently told Lora-Ellen that she could switch genres so she has been writing rather scandalous scripts and doing occasional solo performances.

Lora-Ellen wears the label, “former” with pride. She is a former:

– child actor of Greek and Roman tragedies on Seattle’s public television station
– dancer until too many toe and hip breaks made lyrical movement impossible
– child psychologist
– pediatric health researcher
– medical school professor
– public hospital administrator
– public policy analyst, and
– the first woman of color to model diamonds in a international ad campaign.

Currently, Lora-Ellen dances in grocery stores, listens for real life musings that can provide story ideas, sings too many show tunes, cooks gourmet vegan meals and writes like a fiend. She uses the richness of her life to fuel stories for stage and screen, fiction and nonfiction. It took lots of former lives to get here.


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